Terms of Use

1) What are Unlock Codes?
These are the ONLY codes that can open our paid apps. They can be 13 digits or 9 digits.

2) How can I unlock my app?
You can unlock your app by following the app instructions or visit www.greenspek.com/airtime

3) How long will my app be UNLOCKED?
When you pay for our app, they remain unlocked FOR LIFE or until you DELETE the app.
Each app has an APPCODE. When you delete an app and reinstall it, the APPCODE changes. This means that the UNLOCK code you had for the old app will NOT work for the new.

4) Can I tranfer my app(s) to another Device?
Our app are registered only on the device where they are installed. If you transfer the app to another device, you will have to pay again to unlock it on the new device.
Also, if you DELETE our app on your device, because your are doing a NEW INSTALLATION, you will have to pay for it again.

5) Can I update my apps?
Yes you can. Just update ON TOP OF the original app. Your device will ask you to SAVE DATA before installing. Select YES or OK. If you update, the app will remain OPEN. Please, do not delete the original app to update

6) My app was Blocked
Your app will be BLOCKED if you use invalid airtime for payment.
Adequate warning is given within the app about this. If your app is blocked, you MUST DELETE it and download another then PAY.

7) App Errors
Our Question and Answer apps MAY not be error free. The purpose of such apps in not just to show the answers but for users to research and study LIKELY exam questions.
We welcome corrections to any of our apps. When such errors are investigated and confirmed we even give FREE airtime or FREE app unlock as reward.
Kindly send all corrections or noticed errors to errors@greenspek.com

For more information, visit our FAQ page @ www.greenspek.com/faq

Feel free to contact us via the following means:
Email: webmaster@greenspek.com
Phone: 08169615492 (office hours only. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm)